The Aikavian Federation is a federal parliamentary democratic republic, which declared independence on 10th September, 2014. It has a population of three citizens and shares land borders with Slovakia , the Republic of Srnska and the Hetmanate of Kazania. It also shares anaval border with croatia and Montenegro. The country consists of 10 unconnected exclaves and its climate ranges from Subtropical in Sveti Nikola to wet oceanic in Rockall.

Aikavian Federation
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Iztaria
Official language(s) English (French, German, Russian,Serbian, Slovak co-official)
Demonym Aikav, Aikavian
- President Pravoslav Karadžić
Legislature Skupština
Establishment 28.11.2010
- Kingdom of Rytierohrad proclaimed 28.11.2010
- Creation of Slevania 9.3.2012
- Creation of Narentia 23.9.2012
- Pravoslav Karadžić elected President 21.7.2014
- Breakup of Narentia 1.9.2014
- Declaration of Independence 10.9.2014
- estimate 3
Currency Euro (€)
Time zone CET
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the right

The countryś history begins in November 2010 when the first part of the country seceedes from Slovakia as the Kingdom of Rytierohrad. In the following six months the name of the country changed quite often, as well as the micronational name of the leader. In spring 2011 there were several federations encompassing the future Iryllia, but they existed mostly on paper. In autumn, another, so-called Germanic period began, when the culture was inspired by Imperrial Germany and later by the current Bundesrepublik.

With the collapse of Metonia, the micronation of Izkania emerges, adopting a South Slavic style. Izkania later joined Slevania and after its collapse the area became dominated by the Narentian Federation, whose history was full of conflicts against insurgents.

Following the Breakup of Narentia a handful of countries emerged and the last President of Narentia founded the Aikavian Federation.

Etymology Edit

There were three names which the President was choosing from :

  • Volod
  • Hallad
  • Rakay

It was quite difficult so he put each name into the Hebrew alphabet and as with the Hebrew letters each of them is also a number so the first, third and last letters of the names were added up , divided by three and approximated.

Thus the result were the lettters Ayin, Kaf and Yodh. They put together, hence the name Aikavia.

The official name of Aikavia in its co-officila languages is:

  • French : Fédération Aïkavienne
  • German: Aikawische Föderation
  • Russian: Айкавскя Федерация
  • Serbian: Ajkavska Federacija
  • Slovak: Aikavská Federácia


See also: Breakup of Narentia

The preparations to create the Aikavian Federation began directly after the Breakup of Narentia, however it was not until 10th September that Aikavia officially declared independence.



Main article: Aikavian Politics

The Head of state is the President, elected by local citizens. currently the provisional President is Pravoslav Karadžić.

  • Executive: The Federal Government is to be in charge of most affairs on the central level
  • Legislative: The Federal Parliament is called the Skupština
  • Judiciary: The Judiciary power is to be possessed by the Courts

However, tehere is no Constitution, only the Declaration of Independence whish stated this division of power. De facto, all power is held by the Provisional President, who consults his actions with the remaining citizens.

The President has advised that there will be a Presidential election on the 1st November.

There is one active party, the Vlasteneckí zvez

Foreign RelationsEdit

Foreign relations of Aikavia

The Aikavian Federation has established bilateral relations with the following countries:

  1. Republic of Srnska
  2. Republic of Jadranska (have dual citezenship union with)
  3. Kingdom of Tzedek
  4. Tsardom of Markoslavia
  5. Confederacy of Dipam
  6. Republic of Zachodnoslavija
  7. Principality of Imvrassia

The Principality of Virdo has been recognized by the Provisional government until the declaration of independece when the country legally became part of Aikavia.

Out of the UN members the country currently recognizes only Syria and Serbia and supports the following separatist movements:  Kurdistan and Scotland. A new diplomatic policy towards the worlds UN members and separatist organizations is to formed


Main article: Aikavian Military

There is no standing army, part of the territory is being controlled by the Republic of Srnska. The office of a Captain-General is held by Slavomír Papradovitch

Political divisionsEdit

Main article: Subdivisions of Aikavia

There are three types of subdivisions:

  • Okrug
  • Uyezd/Poviat
  • Province



Main article:Economy of Aikavia

There is no official currency, the most commonly used one is the Euro (€)


Main article: Demography of Aikavia

The population of Aikavia is quite small,there are only three citizens (one of them being also citizen of Jadranska).

The Aikavians are sometimes labelled as Avikans, mostly in Jadranska.



There are three religions present in Aikavia: The Catholics, The Orthodox and the Muslim faith. The Catholics are led by the bishops based in Slovakia, but they have created the Aikavian Catholic Association.

The Orthodox were part of the Narentian Orthodox Church at first, but after 12.9.2014 they would be part of the Aikavian and Srnskan Orthodox Church.

Languages Edit

There are three categories of languages in Aikavia: official, co-official, regional:

  • Official:
    • English
  • Co-official:
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Serbian
    • Slovak
    • Dutch will become co-official if the Subenian Federation joins
  • Regional

State Symbols Edit


Type Author Description
Coat of Arms User:PravoslavK Similar to the Presidential standart, but with the letter Waw instead of Pe .
Presidential standart User:PravoslavK The presidential standart is similar to that of Montenegro, except the fact that in the middle is is a cross dividing the shield into four parts with four Syriac letters:

  • Pe for President
  • E or Ayin
  • Kaf
  • Yodh.

The flag of Aikavia, designed by Slavomir

Flag User:Damras Combined the coat of arms with the flag above
War flag User:PravoslavK The war flag is completely different featuring the Saltire on green charged with a Maltese Cross.
Tartan User:PravoslavK The national tartan has been adopted on Saturday on the 13th September
? Anthem

List of citizensEdit

  • Pravoslav Karadžić
    • Name:Pravoslav Karadžić
    • Account: User:PravoslavK
    • Date of Birth: 05.12.1995
    • Gender:M
    • Languages: English, French, German, Slovak, Russian, Serbian, Sernian
    • Ethnicity: Slovak/Sernian
    • Religion: Christian ?
  • Vojislav Ilrac
    • Name:Vojislav Ilrac
    • Account: User:Shady Restatapo
    • Date of Birth:09.02.1999
    • Gender:M
    • Languages: Dutch/Egyptian/Turk/Jadranskan
    • Ethnicity: Dutch/egyptian/Turk /Jadranskan
    • Religion: Muslim
  • Slavomir Papradović
    • Name:Slavomir Papradović
    • Account: User:Damras
    • Date of Birth: 03.11.1995
    • Gender:M
    • Languages: English, French, German, Slovak, Russian, Serbian, Scots
    • Ethnicity: Slovak
    • Religion: Roman Catholic
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