Confederacy of North Iryllia
Confederate Falg
Anthem Jetz Opchina (No Surrender)
Headquarters Gonzy

(International territory)

Official languages North Iryllian languagues
Membership 3 states 1 rebel group
 -  Secretary-General Vojislav IIrac
 -  Deputy Secretary-General Daniel I 
 -  General Assembly President Robert Cameron
 -  Economic and Social Council President Vacant
 -  Security Council President Vacant
 -  CNS signed 13 September 2014

The Confederacy of North Iryllia , is a political and economic organisation of four micronations located in Iryllia, which have North Iryllian culture The government of the Confederacy it have some cities owned The goal of the organization is to promote North Iryllian culture and make a strong fist aganst intrudders 


Originally established as a military alliance, the CNI has progressed into a de facto single military force. The alliance was established by the signing of the Treaty of North, an agreement officialising the compulsory support a member state must give to another member state in times of war or crisis. The organisation created its official flag on the13th , causing a controversy in Skarajevo, many people viewed the creation of a flag as a sign of "greater integration towards a single armed force". The government of Skarajevo and Kazania states that integration towards a single armed force is a false hypothesis. Later it devepop North Iryllian Culture

Member statesEdit

The Member states are 

  • Skarajevo 
  • Preskove Ockoplinca Ustansha (Preskovan Liberation Army)
  • Kazania
  • Iryllian SR

The CNI's foreigin policticy is neutral as long they dont have hostile realations with one of the member states Nysna has been declared as the enemy of the North Iryllian people