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The Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye (slovak: Despotát Mys Dobrej Nádeje, Mys Dobrej Nádeje) is a micronation that unilaterally declared independence on the 11th of September 2013. On the 23rd of November 2013, however, it's leaders decided to rejoin the Narentian Federation, thus recreating the Krapina Okrug. However it was proclaimed independent again on 21 August 2018 The nation's government is inspired by the Serbian Despotates and the Serbian Kingdom

Declaration of Independence and foreign recognitionEdit

The Despotate declared independence on the 11th September 2013, after two months of deteriorating relations between the President of Narentia Marek Tomanić and the new despot of Mys Dobrey Nadeye and former Narentian politician Jan Krapinski.

Sofar, the Federal Government of Narentia has classified Mysdobrey Nadeye as a separatist organization nad therefore, further negotiations will be held between the following politicians:

Narentian Federation
Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye
Minister of Integration and Democratization Ante Kolač (NDI) Despote of Mysdobrey Nadeye Jan Krapinski
Minister of Recovery and Stabilization Zoran Tvrtković (LP)
Minister of Interior M.Tvrtković (LP) Supreme General of the Dobronadeyan Militia

The negotiations held on the 14th September did not reach any agreement, so further talks were to follow. The next time however, the Narentian side were to be represented by its Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense.

Government and politicsEdit

There were no laws within the Despotate. The only legal document was a short declaration of independence.

  • " The Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye was an independent, sovereign and unitary state.'
  • The capital of the Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye was Mys Dobrey Nadeye.
  • The head of state of the Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye is the Despote."

Soon however, the despote declared that all laws passed by the Slovak parliament are automatically part of the local legal system if they dont contradict the declaration of independence.

The Head of State was the Despote- Jan Krapinski with autocratic power.


The Despotate had a small militia, called the Dobronadeyan militia. It was commanded directly by Jan Krapinski.