Iryllia is a term denoting the former  Poplavina banovina within the Narentian Federation

Historically, there were multiple nations in Iryliia the micronation Itoria, Srnieckia and a large part of Slevania, plus two oblasts of Gishabrun.


Iryllia shown in yellow (plus the small area outlined in black)


The word Iryllia comes from the word Illyria, which was the ancient name for the western Balkans.

First usageEdit

The word Iryllia was first used, when the Iryllian Security Council was created


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Current geopolitical situationEdit

Countries of the Iryllian Sector
Flag Name of country Capital city Population Leader Date of Foundation
1 Krapina Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye Mys Dobrej Nádeje 2 Vojislav IIrac 21 August 2018


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Countries of the Iryllian Sector in Autumn 2013
Flag Name of country Capital city Population Leader Date of foundation
1 Narentiaflag Narentian Federation Novigrad 23 Marek Tomanić 23rd September 2012
2 Krapina Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye Mys Dobrej Nádeje 4 Jan Krapinski 11th September 2013
3 Prednadrazieflag Republic of Prednádražie Prednádražie 1 Vladimir Igorevich Denkov 10th October 2013
Countries of the Iryllian Sector in Spring 2012
Flag Name of country Capital city Population Leader Date of foundation
1 Slevan flag Slevania (Slevanian Federative Republic) Taroslavin 16 Vitomir Petrović March 2012
2 Micronationflag126 Gishabrun (The Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun) Kravat oblast 12 Kuri I. 24th June 2009
3 Srnieck flag Srnieckia (Grand Duchy of Srnieckia) Hríbik/Srnčie Chvostíky 1 Data missing December 2011
4 Itoriakflag Itoria (Itoriak republic) Nižnegradsk 1 Vladimir Vojislav 23rd March 2012
5 Vartakflag Vartakia (Vartak republic) Aigorsk 1 Igor Ivanović late march 2012

After the creation of Narentia, the term lost popularity and most people now refer to it as either central Narentia or the Narentian Republic


The culture of the Iryllian countries is similar to the culture of the western Balkans, more broadly speaking, to eastern Europe.

Iryllia is also home to the Iryllian languages, which are mostly used in Slevania.




Flag of Iryllia (since 18. 9.2014)

The flag is a reference to the unrecognized republic of Herzeg-Bosna.

Irylliaflag   Countries of the Iryllian Sector   Irylliaflag
Existing nations

SrnskaflagRepublic of Srnska Krajina

Extinct nations

Rebel Kazania Republic of Nýsna , Kazania FlagPatrachinate of Kazania ,WSRflag USIS, WsrnskaflagRepublic of Srnska , State flag narentia Republic of Jadranska,Kazania FlagHetmanate of Kazania,VirdoPrincipality of Virdo ,NarentiaflagNarentia, PrednadrazieflagRepublic of Prednádražie,Srnieck flag Srnieckia,ItoriakflagItoriak republic Vartakflag Vartakia IzkanflagIzkania, IztariaflagIztaria,

Seperatist groups Seperatist groups no longer active

Musrati Republic, Rebel Kazania Republic of Kazania-Nýsna ,Preskovan Republic Preskovan Republic,Tarica Suvak Republic,Cherrycream plot,WSRflag Workers´ Soviet Republic SrnskaflagRepublic of Srnska Krajina LasvarflagLasvar Republic IrylliaflagwarIryllian Armed Rebellion,Jablonflag Slobodarsko-Jablonječka RepublicPrizrenijaflag Prizrenija RepublicIzorniaflag Izornia rebels I-UIzba-Ursanistan, INSflagIzbiak National State, TaricaRepublika Slovenska Tarica