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Flag of the Izbiak National State

The Izbiak National State (Izbiackí Národní Štát) was a separatist movement in Iztaria.

They controlled the eastern and northeastern parts of the country. The independence was proclaimed in Izbani. the country controlled the southern portions of Izba, while claiming Astovce as its capital. The Izbiaks fought against the central governmnet in Taroslavin, however after four days they were crushed.  


A Izbiacki declared that the new Iztarian government was illegitimate on the 15th February 2012 in Estori. He was to be arrested, but he rapidly took controll of Izba in less then half an hour. The independence was declared on ther 15.2.2 2012 at 15:26.

Government Edit

  • President: Andrej Izbiacki
  • Prime minister: Pribislav Medveđ
  • political parties: INS (Izbiacka Národna Strana= Izbiak National Party)

Military Edit

  • Izbiacka Oslobođenečka Armija
    • gen. Pribislav Medveđ


The country had an impact as a culture for the future Republic of Jadranska, Despire the INS isnt located in Jadranska ,Jadranska is the only remaining Izbiak state today, Some Jadranskans assisocate with the INS and sees  A.Izbiacki  as a hero 

The Jadranskan People's Party wants the re-establishment of the INS and see the Aikavian Federation as hostile nation (due the fact that Iztaria is capital) and they are the sucessor of Iztania (Jadranska is the sucessor of the INS) The Jadranskan people are Izbiak but have an own culture However 2 people in Jadranska are Izbiak

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