(Kazanian:) Kazanský Republicha Kazanian Republic
Kazanian Flag


Coat of Arms
Kazan location
Capital Dobrejneca
Official languages  Serbian, Slovak Kazanian
Denonym Kazanian

Single-party Nationalist Republic under Totalitarian Dictatorship

Leaders President: Edis Prasovic
Founded 25 September 2014
Location In the Former Lasvarian Republic
Population 7
Currency (kdj) Kazanský Dinare

Kazania  officaly the Kazanian Republic also known as the Kazanian Republic of Iryllia is a state located in Former Narentia It claims a  former part of the Narentian Republic but only controls a small part of it its claimed capital is Priezen but Novostrinie is the current capital the government is a Presidental Republic under single-party state lead by Edis Prasovic


Kazania was part of the Lasvar Republic for 2 years after the breakup of Narentia Lasvaria become divided between the Sernian Republic and Slovakia

The Jadranskan Koraň Medvedíc want form his own nation after 3 days of deteriorating relations between President Vojislav IIrac and Koraň Medvedíc 

He left Jadranska and want create an Iryllian nation but not in Jadranska itself He claimed a part of Slovak Lazvaria and declared inderpendence he claim that Kazania is the sucessor state of All Lasvarian nations 

War in Kazania Edit

Main article: Bànka Nýsna riots, Operation Iryllian Peace

Reformation of KazaniaEdit

After the war Kazania was inactive because the lack of intrest of Kazania as soon in may 2015 Kazania became re active after many years of inactivty a theocracy was proclaimed however many people opposed it and started a revoluition lead to the formation of the Kazanian Republic


After the revolution the constitution stated that Kazania was in a transitional phase of development; in nationalist ideology, the transitional stage is the time when the Kazanian people unite to establish one Kazanian nation. The end of the transitional era would be marked by a permanent constitution;. United Kazania dominate all government institutions, and the top decision-making body in the country is the Supreme Syim. . The constitution proclaimed Kazania as "self-reliant nationalist state" Natural resources and the principal means of production were defined as belonging to the Kazanian people


Kazania borders Slovakia on all sides Its capital Dobrejneca is located in the south west 


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