Law enforcement in the Narentian Federation is conducted mainly by the Military of Narentia, under the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Interior controlls no units, so the Minister of Interior only proposes operations,which are then orderred by the minister of Defense.This leads often to paradoxes and the Narentian authorities do not act promptly enough.

Antarkticka BanovinaEdit

Due to being so distant, the area is complete wilderness:

  • Wild: 90%
  • France:10%

Jadranska BanovinaEdit

The control of the Adriatic banovina by Narentia is small, if none.

  • Croatia: 60% control
  • Narentia:40%

Jezerna BanovinaEdit

The sitiuation in Jezerna is comparable to that in Jadranska. Little or no Narentian presence.

  • Switzerland:65%
  • Wild:21%
  • Rebel:12%
  • Narentia: 2%

Poplavinska BanovinaEdit

This banovina is most effectively controlled by Narentian authorities.

Dvor Edit

The Dvor Okrug is controlled effectively by its regional goverment.No Slovak control, except for paying taxes is present.

  • Narentia: 90%
  • Slovakia 10%


The situation in Krapina is similar to that in Dvor.

Lasvar RepublicEdit

The Lasvar republic is controlled mostly by Slovakia.

  • Slovakia: 70%
  • Narentia: 20%
  • Rebel: 10%

The only city offectively controlled by Narentian is Novomostje

Narentian RepublicEdit

The area is controlled mostly by Slovakia.


The city is effectively controlled by narentia, but respecting Slovak sovereignity.

  • Narentia 80%
  • Slovakia: 20%

Pravoplavci CountyEdit


  • Slovakia: 80%
  • Narentia: 20%

Srnska CountyEdit

The situation in Srnska is quite unique. The local Slovak authorities see little interest in this agricultural area.


  • Slovakia 35%
  • Wild :25%
  • Narentia:15%
  • Other:25%


The area is controlled mostly by Croatia

  • Narentia 20%
  • Croatia: 80%

Sjeverna BanovinaEdit

In the Skalna Province, no effective authority exists, due to being so remote. Therefore, no statistics can be made.

Ministers of InteriorEdit

  1. Ante Kolarič NNJ(22.12.2012-17.4.2013)
  2. Jaroslav Itrov NNJ (18.4.2013)
  3. Slobodan Pavelić PPP (19.4.42013)
  4. Marek Tvrtković LP (10.6.2013-21.9.2013)
  5. Vitomir Petrovič NDZ (21.9.2013-16.10.2013)
  6. Mirko Srnkić FP (16.10.2013-.3..3.2014)
  7. Tomislav Vrtal KP (4.3.2014-ongoing)

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