Skyline of Musrat

The City of Musrat (Jadraskan:Mysrát), also known by its Slovakian name Poluvsie as Novostrine or locally as Musyat is the largest city of the Republic of Skarajevo on the Iryllia , near Slovakia The city has a population of 582 (4 Jadraskan 577 Slovaks) It is on the western slopes of Skarajevean highest point,Its was former part of the Musrati Republic


In historical records, the village was first mentioned in 1358.

Under JadranskaEdit

It was the capital of Jadranska

Under Subenia and Inderpendent ruleEdit

Republic of Musrat
Flag of Kalzkova
[National anthem:Skarajevo Liberation March
Capital Musrat
Government Millitary Councill
Currency € (Euro)

It was for a brief time the capital of Subenia However The Subenians retreated to Musrat and declared the Musrat Republic which was the site of a few clashes between the Skarajeveans and the Subenians The Skarajevans declared the Republic of Skarajevo on the liberated teritory and Vladmir Marek, became their President.


The city was the capital of Jadranska until Jadranska joined Subenia. Currently, there is still one Regiment of the Military of Skarajevo based there, commanded by Voskav Battalion . There is also the Novomostje Armory, equipping the army with peasant polearms

The city was also the seat of the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church now moved to Skarajevo The company Ijztrakovat Skarajevean is still based in the city Currently , the city has 4 citizens, two Skarajeveans one Izbiak and 1 Nysnan