Flemian: Републиц оф Нысна
Republic of Nysna/NysnanRepublic
Rebel Kazania

Coat of Arms of Nizhniy Novgorod.svg

Coat of Arms
[National anthem:
Capital Tjerpovnk (Тчерповник)
Official languages English ,Flemian ,Slovak (banned by the government)
Denonym Nysnan
Government Nysnofascist Single-Party State
Leaders Zarkev: Yuri Lavkov (Ыури Лавков)

1 October (as Kazania-Nysna)

27 November (re-established)

Location Between Kazania and Skarajevo
Population 10
Currency Nysnan Pound (₴) 

Nysna (Нысна) offically as the Republic of Nysna (Републиц оф Нысна) is a state located in Iryllia it borders Sovakia and Skarajevo Its known as one of the hostile nations of Iryllia and Its rulled by the Nysnan people



The Republic declared independence on the 26 September 2013, after two years of deteriorating relations between the hetmanate of kazania and Anton Voislav

The Hetmanate of Kazania has classified the republic as a separatist organization nad therefore, further negotiations will be held between the following politicians

After taking control of the area, Voislav procaimed Flemian as the sole official language and forbade Iryllian languages all together. a Nysnan republic was proclaimed. The former area of Snovina has been proclaimed its capital.However they joined the now defunct Subene Federation

Current RepublicEdit

The Republic of Nysna declared inderpendence on 27 december 

Iryllian Cold WarEdit

The dispute begin when Skarajevo tookover the area of Vladcožić (Zheregrom) during theSkarajevean War of Inderpendence Nysna declared inderpendence on 27 November when Nysna and Skarajevo maded a treaty with cedes Vladcožić to Skarajevo and Nysna removed its claim However since the Fascist president Yuri Lavkov took over and disbanded the treaty


The head of state and Government is the President, currently Yuri Lavkov Its have 2 parties

  • Farmers Party 
  • Kynozetz Party

The Farmers Party is the leading party of Farmers Party the Kynozet Party is a small democratic party


Nysnan millitary is maded up of Nysnan citezens and other people Its known for its technolgy and its feared by other nations



The most practised religion is the Ukrainian Orthordox Religion
Nysnan State TV


Given names: ◾Tamara ,Josepfh ,Yuri ,Victorsj ,Anna


Based on Ukrainian Cuisine


The official language in Nysna is Flemian, written in cyrillic. It is backed up by the constitution.