The Narentian Dinar (NAD) is the official currency in the Narentian Federation


Until the 26th November 2012, the Slevanski Dinar (SFD) is sometimes used, but Euro remains the most common currency.

The first NAD note

Since then, the new constitution declared that the Narentski Dinar is to be the official currency. On the 22nd July 2013, the first NAD bank note was designed


Image Value Dimension Main color Description Date of design
10NAD 10NAD 1000*600 blue Bojnjice castle 22nd July 2013
20NAD 20NAD 1000*600 green Višegrad mountain 23rd July 2013
50NAD 50NAD 1000*600 pink-purple Holy Trinity Church ,Slobodarevo 23rd July 2013
100NAD 1200*750 orange Arba Old Town 24th July 2013
200NAD 1200*750 blue Promajna 24th July 2013
500NAD 1200*750 sepium St. Jure Fort in Vis

12th August 2013

1000NAD 1500*850 yellow Scenery in Jezerna Province 12th august 2013


The major problem is that the city of Promajna and Jezerna Province were both disannexed.

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