Political partiesEdit


Flag of the Izbiak National State

Name English name Founded Status Ideology
WJP Witloke Jadloneckáz Patrtia Union of Jadranskan Patriots 31 August 2014


Nationalism, Liberalism Right Wing

Jadranskan Nationalism

Izbiak Nationalism

JD Democrycia Jadlonecká Democratic Jadranska 8 September opposition Democratism Westernation
JLB Jadlonecká ľudovkat Sudava Jadranskan Peoples Party 10 September opposition Fascism Jadranskan Nationalism
JVW Jadloneckáz Vailiskawa Witloke Jadranskan Slovak Brotherhood 15 September opposition Slovak Patriotism
NNP Nástronkaz Patrtia Sudava Narentian National Party 27 September opposition Narentian Nationalism

The political sceneEdit

Unlike most nations, where the scene is divided into left-wing and right-wing  , Jadranska is divided in  authoritarianism to libertarianism

Union of Jadranskan PatriotsEdit

The Union of Jadranskan Patriots : led by The President. In early Jadranskan Republic and its the sole ruling party of the republic Its idelogy is Liberal dictatorship and Izbiak nationalism The Party congress is the legisture of Jadranska The leader of the party is the President of Jadranska

Democratic JadranskaEdit

The Democratic Party is the major opposition party. Its leader Tanya Novak is currently the most popular Jadranskan politician,Its idelogy is creat a selcuar westeren maded state

Jadranskan Peoples PartyEdit

the JPP is an extrem-right fascist party with want create the Izbiak Republic of Slobansja and want kick Slovak people out of Jadranska and declare a state of war on Aikavia Its leader is Zoran Markowic

Jadransan Slovak BrotherhoodEdit

The JSB is campaigning for Slovak as the official language. It was created in med september mostly finds members among Suvak atheists.The party

They have declared passing of Slovak as the sole official language as their main goal.and make Jadranska a slovak based state (Slovakian Republic of Jadranska) and isolate Jadranska from Iryllia It dont have a central leader and have only 2 members

Narentian National PartyEdit

The NNP defended the interests of the Narentian People. Its leader is Goran Maskowic