Preskovan Republic

Preskovan Republic


  • unrecognized separatist moverment (de jure)
  • puppet government of the separatists (de facto)
Location between Slovakia, Kazania-Nysna and Hetmanate
Area claimed small
Membership 1-5 
Date of foundation 2 october 2014
Leadership Robert Carmorn 
Organisational structure Dictatorship
Language Slovak
Purported currency Euro
Currency code
Capital Gonstrovoka 
Ethnic groups 80% Slovaks
Demonym Preskovan
Time Zone

The Preskova Republic is a small nation Its border the Hetmanate ,Slovakia and the Separatists All decisions were made by the Dictator.The armed forces include of various private armies Its capital is Gonstrovoka and its government form is a dictatorship Its a puppet of the Separatists

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