(Slovak:) Krapina Republika Republic of Krapina
Coat of Arms
Capital Murov
Official languages Slovak
Denonym Krapinan
Government Family dictatorship
Tatínek Alexander Skordinski
Founded 13 January 2015
Location Iryllia
Population 10
Currency Krapinan Lekj

Krapina ofiical the Republic of Krapina is a small quasi-dictatoral republic in Iryllia Borders Ashukovo and Slovakia Little known is about Krapina Its capital is Murov and its leader is Alexander Skordinski


At first the Krapina Okrug existed already in winter 2012/3, but was merged in April into the Narentian Republic. During the Narentian Civil War a neutral entity called the Hetmante of Krapina existed. In autumn 20113, Krapina unilaterally decalred independence as the Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye.

It acceeded the Narentian Federation on the 23rd November 2013. In 2015 the Republic of Krapina was declared by the Skordinski family


The Tatínek (Papa) is the absolute ruler of Krapina he can dismiss a member of parlement and is the "face of the state" he is also the "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people." the current one is Alexander Skordinski It have also an advisor and a Primator

Foreign RelationsEdit

Krapina recognizes all states except North Korea, Russia, Novorussia Czech Republic Serbia and Poland

According to Srnska, Krapina supports ISIS This claim is denied by Krapina

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