Republic of Prednádražie

The republic of Prednádražie was a micronation bordering Slovakia to the south and west and the Narentian Federation to the north and east.its now part of the Confederation

Location Iryllia

Coordinates37°03′03″N 27°09′04″E

Total enclaves 1
Claimed by


State flag narentiaJadranska


Population 0


The country declared its independence on the 10th October 2013, led by Igor Suvakovich Sibirskiy. However, the area became soon invaded by the Workers' Soviet Republic. The resistance was later led by Vladimir Igorevich Denkov , but the Soviet Republic gained de facto control of the area in November 2013.

the government led by Denkov openned its empassy in Narentia in November 2013.after the dissolution of the Republic However its claimed by the Jadranskan Republic


List of presidents

  1. Igor Suvakovich Sibirskiy (October-November 2013)
  2. Vladimir Igorevich Denkov (November 2013-ongoing)

List of supreme commisioners of Prednádražie (in exile)

  1. Jordy Sloos (1 September 2014)
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Prednádražie Flag in Jadranskan embassy

The Flag of Prednádražie in a Jadranskan Embassy represent the Jadranskan claim on Prednádražie