Republic of Srnska
Republika Srnska
Proposed Srnska Coat of Arms
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[ Marš na Drinu [1]




Capital Bonjece
Languages Sernian, Serbian, Slovak ,Narentian, Lasvarian
Religion Serennian Orthodox Church
Government Presidental Republic
 -  First Rodoljub Vulović
 -  Last Mirko Srnkič
Legislature Parliament
Historical era Breakup of Narentia
 -  Independence 25 October 2014
 -  Nivna Luka conflict 5 Novmber 2014
 -  Disestalishment 28 December 2014
 -  2014 est. 16 
Currency Euro
 Preceded by Succeeded by
Narentian Federation


Republic of Skarajevo

Today part of

The Republic of Srnska commonly known as Srnska Republic or Sernian Republic (in Subenia) or just Srnska was a state emerged after the Breakup of Narentia. after the Suvak nationalists seized power.Its government is a Republic and its capital is Bojnjice The country was dissolved on the 29th December 2014


See also: Breakup of Narentia, Nivna Luka conflict The Sernians seceeded from Narentia in September 2013 for the first time, creating two states led by Mirko Srnkić and Ivo Pajčik


Regionalism : Orthodox Narentia, Srnska and Srnksa Krajina

After the SOS coup in Narentia, PANTERI, the Sernian nationalist party ,have coordinated their actions much better than the other groups.After hearing about the coup, they created their own unit the Garda PANTERI and met on the 24th to train. Jaroslav Itrov became the commander of the Garda PANTERI

On the 25th they rebelled and took over the western part of the country. They fortified themselves at a forest between Kanjanka and Dubnjica. The Suvaks retreated to the northwest and besieged Staroselo which was the site of a few clashes between the Narentian remnats and the Suvaks. The sernians also gained Poruba and Lasvare.

The Suvaks declared the Republic of Srnska on the liberated teritory and Rodoljub Vulović , the leader of the PANTERI party became their President.

The Narentian remanants, led by General Tvrtković were trapped in Novomostje, and after the eastern part of the town fell, Tvrtković and the the Sernian president Rodoljub Vulović met together and on the 29th they agreed that Novomostje would become part of Republic of Srnska but with a local autonomy.

On the 26th October Jaroslav Itrov was elected to become President.  On 5th November  2014 he annexed Nivna Luka from Aikavian Federation. Jaroslav Itrov named Ratibor Ražnatović as his successor on the 12th November, but two days later Vladimir Vojislav performed a coup d etat and declared himself president. He initiated negotiations with the Srnska Narodna Veča.


The elections will take place on the 29th November The head of state and Government is the President, currently Vladimir Vojislav

Other members of the government are:

  1. Minister of Interior and Defence (Željko Milošević)
    1. Jaroslav itrov (25.8.2014-26.10.2014)
    2. Ratibor Ražnatović (26.10.2014-12.11.2014)
    3. Źeljko Milošević (12.11.2014-14.11.2014)
    4. vacant (14.11.2014-ongoing)
  2. Minister of Culture (Novak Jovanović)
    1. Ivo Pajčik (25.8.2014-29.101.2014)
    2. Vladimir Vojislav (29.10.2014-11.11.2014)
    3. Novak Jovanović (11.11.2014-14.11.2014)
    4. vacant (14.11.2014)
  3. Minister of Foreign Relations (vacant) -
    1. Marek Tomanić (25.8.2014-12.11.2014)
    2. vacant(12.11.2014-ongoing)


  1. Rodoljub Vulović (25.8.2014-26.10.2014)
  2. Jaroslav Itrov (26.10.2014-12.11.2014)
  3. Ratibor Ražnatović (12.11.2014-14.11.2014)
  4. Vladimir Vojislav (14.11.2014-30.11.2014)
  5. Mirko Srnkič (30.11.2014-29.12.2014)

Political partiesEdit

  • Orthodox Autocratic Party
  • Militarist Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Izkanian Cooperation Initiative
  • Lasvar Liberation Movement
  • Garda PANTERI

The Orthodox Autocratic Party is headed by President Rodoljub Vulovic and among its members is also the Minister of culture Ivo Pajčik. Also there is Vojislav Markovič nad Vladimir Vojislav

Jaroslav Itrov is the head of the Militarist Party, along with Ratibor Ražnatović. They are the top commanders of the army

The Democratic Party is not very strong. They propose a westernized liberal democracy.Its led by Mirko Srnkić

Marek Tomanič is head of the Izkanian Cooperation Initiative.Ther is also Matúš Izkanski and Pribislav Medveđ. However there are now tensions because the Lasvarians want to create their own party.

Izkanska Autonomna OblastEdit

The region on the eastern borders of the republic is inhabited by Narentian, Lasvarian and other microethnicities and has been granted autonomy. The župan  of the Autonomous Oblast is Marek Tomanić, and his capital is in Novomosće.

The name was chosen because it was politically neutral- appeases all microethnicities as well as it does not lay claims on other areas.


See also:Nivna Luka conflict

The top army commanders are members of the Militarist Party. The military traditions are quite strong, the origins of Srnskan military are in the Breakup of Narentia when the PANTERI Party organized an insurgency led by Jaroslav Itrov, who is currently the Srnskan minister of Interior and Defence.

The army is divided into three battalions:

  1. Northern Battalion (Kanjanka)-Ratibor Ražnatović
  2. Southern Battalion (Staroselo)-Novak Jovanović
  3. Western Battalion (Opatija)-Željko Milošević

Srnska Narodna Veča Edit

The opposition groups have started an insurgency nad now they control Prizren, Starosrnska and the former areas of Slobodarsko-Jablonječka Republic. On their territory they have deposed president Itrov and took control. They asked him to resign and call new elections

November electionsEdit

The nearest elections on the 29th November will choose the new President and parliament members..


  • President:
    • Mirko Srnkić (Democratic Party)
    • Vojislav Markovič (OAP)
  • Parliament:
    • Orthodox Autocratic Party
      • Ivo Pajčik
      • Vladimir Vojislav
    • Democratic Party
      • Dragana Sidoreva
      • Novak Jovanović
    • Izkan Cooperation Initiative
      • Marek Tomanić
      • Matúš Izkanski
    • Lasvar Liberation Movement
      • Marek Tvrtković
    • Garda PANTERI
      • Draža Pajčik

Only 6 people came to vote, so the results are:

  1. President: Mirko Srnkič (4 votes)
  2. Parliament
    1. Dragana Sidoreva (DP)
    2. Novak Jovanovič (DP)
    3. Ivo Pajčik (OAP)
    4. Matúš Izkanski (ICM)
    5. Draža Pajčik (G PANTERI)

Administrative divisionsEdit

The country is divided into municipalities called občinas/obštinas and these are further subdivided into localities (mijesta)

  • Srnska proper
    • Bojnjice
      • Starigrad
      • Čampurka
      • Lúčki
      • Kupelje
      • Dubnjica
    • Opatija
    • Kanjanka
    • Starosrnska Obstina
      • Srnčie Hvostiki
      • Šipkovo
      • Ribik
  • Izkanska Autonomna Oblast
    • Novomosće
      • Centar
      • Zelenotravsk
      • Pastvini
      • Istočno
    • Prizren
    • Staroselo


The most practised religion is the Aikavian Subenian and Srnskan Orthodox Church.

The Church is divided into two eparchies, with the Sernian Eparchy under Vojislav Marković holding Srnska proper and consisting of the Vendelin and South bojnice parishes,while the Izkania Slovkia Eparchy under Novak Jovanović exists more-less only on paper


List of citizens:

  • Bojnjice :Jaroslav Itrov, Vojislav Markovič, Rodoljub Vulović,Vladimir Vojislav
  • Opatija: Dragana Sidoreva, Željko Milošević
  • Kanjanka: Draža Pajčik, Ratibor Ražnatović
  • Starosrnska: Ivo Pajčik, Mirko Srnkič
  • Novomosće:Jan Kovačević,Marek Tvrtković Zoran Tvrtković, Lžidimitri Ivanović, Matuš Izkanski
  • Prizren: Pribislav Medveđ
  • Staroselo:Novak Jovanović, Marek Tomanić

Foreign relations Edit

The country recognizes the following:

  1. Aikavian Federation
  2. Subenian Federation
  3. Serbia

They will never recognize Kosovo nor the Islamic State.

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