Slavomir Papradović is a citizen of Aikavian Federation, formely founder and Prince of the Principality of Virdo, author of the Aikavian flag and the official pretender of Aikavia.


The flag of Aikavia, designed by Slavomir


After learning about the Breakup of Narentia,  Slavomir declared independence and founded thePrincipality of Virdo. Unfortunately, the country was only a one-man kingdom. Therefore , he decided to join the Aikavian Federation, which was founded by Pravoslav Karadžić.


Flag of Virdo

After the 10th September, the Principality of Virdo ceased to exist and Slavomir became a citizen of Aikavia.

Full dynastic titleEdit

His Royal Majesty Slavomir Marek Papradović, King of Aikavia, Duke of Podgoria and Prince of Virdo, Count of Dvor,Nivna Luka  and Gorice, Protector of Iztaria,Rockall and St. Nicolas

Private lifeEdit

Slavomir is a Roman Catholic.