The so-called Slevan reaction was the first armed conflict, in which the Narentian army participated.It took place in the would-be Poplavinska Republic. It consisted of three battles, two offensives, three operations and one four-day siege. It was led by A.V. Posavinović and Z.Tvrtković.

The Slevan strategy counted with mobilization of the Slevan army, paramilitary units, other former micronationalists, who lost Slevan citizenship due to rebellions, most notably S. Pavelić, J. Hučar, L. Ivanović and also the former Izbiak rebels, and others active in the Prizrenija Republic, and also mobilizing Slovaks.They also wanted to steal the Narentian constitution and delete the Narentian webpage. However, their strategy was revealed.

Date Type Place Units pariticipating Outcome
28th September 2012 Battle/offensive Lasavski Brod Plavobranci Defeat
30th September 2012 Battle Western Novigrad NV, Hajduk Victory
1st October 2012 Offensive Izornia NV, Plavobranci
Operation Lesovina (Operation šuma) Hajduk
3rd October 2012 Operation

Lasavski Brod, Maloluka

(Operation Rovinj)

6th October 2012 Operation Operation Lipa - Lipa i Snovina NV, Plavobranci
Battle Itoria Hajduk Defeat
Siege Siege of Novomostje NV, Hajduk, Plavobranci Victory, end of Slevan Reaction
7th October 2012
8th October 2012
9th October 2012

Another attempt followed, at took place during the 12-15th October 2012. It was led by A.V. Posavinović and S.Pavelić

Date Type Place Participating units Outcome
12th October 2012 Skirmish Prievidza,Slovakia Hajduk Narentian victory
14th October 2012 Operation Bora Iztarska NV,Plavobranci
15th October 2012 Operation SSSS Eastern Novigrad Plavobranci,Hajduk

After the failure of Operation SSSS, a ceasefire was negotiated. This led to the end of the Slevan reaction. A.V. Posavinović has resigned and stopped being hostile towards Narentia for a time.

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