(Slobodarian) Република Слободарчка  (Slovak:) Slobodarcká Republika Republic of Slobodarčka 


Artist impression

Jadranskan Re-construction of the Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Capital Kúty (Квфу)
Official languages Slovak, Slobodarian
Denonym Slobodarčkan
Government Single-party nationalist state under totalitarian dictatorship
Leaders President: Vojislav IIrac
Founded 14 March 2015
Location Iryllia
Population 6
Currency € (Euro)

The Republic of Slobodarčka also known as Slobodarčka is a small micronation located in Kúty  The state was formed by Vojislav IIrac  with is inspired by Slobodarsko-Jablonječka Republic South-West Kuty was proclaimed as capital however they control only a small area in the north west The republic claims to be the successor of the Slobodarsko-Jablonječka Republic