The Subenian Presidential Elections 2014 will be held on monday 

Candidates and supportEdit

  1. Robert Voidslav (Peoples Party)
  2. Igor Kurensky (Democratic Party)
  3. Yuri Lavkov  (Farmerparty)
  4. Ędar Tcokoviwth (Slovak Liberation Party)
  5. Koraň Medvedíc (Chetnik Party)
  6. Kazan Jošef (Communist Irridentist Front)
  7. Anton Preskov (Preskovan Liberation Party)
  8. Jan Kaczynski(indie)


Anton Voislav has denounced his candidature on the 9th June 2014.

The CIF started a campain about Subenia to rename in the Union of Central Iryllian Soviet Republic (UCISS)

The controversial issue is the different position of the candidates on the Subenian Referendum


Opinion pollsEdit

According to the Opinion polls Robert Voidslav is populair by the most citezens for its Pan-Iryllism and Liberalism other populars are Igor Kurensky,Jan Kaczynski and Koraň Medvedíc 

the worst policticians are Yuri Lavkov ,Anton Preskov and Ędar Tcokoviwth